Titanium Tools

Our standard range

Here you will find a number of tools that we always offer. In addition, we also provide tools according to your wishes or with your preferred dimensions.

Pry Bar

Pry Bars, Titanium

Hand-forged titanium pry bars in various lengths and designs. Blade 45° angled second end pointed, flat or straight - as you wish.

Rock Chisel

Rock Chisels, Titanium

Hand-forged in all lengths, pointed or flat. Diameter 16 mm.
These chisels are very suitable for fissured rock but for solid rock titanium is not hard enough.

Rock Chisel, hardened steel, forged cruciform

Rock Chisels, Steel

Hardened steel, forged cruciform - thus particularly good gap power.
Pointed or flat, diameter 16 mm, length 300 mm, blade width 24 mm, head squashed for good impact transfer.

Gem Scoop
Gem Scoop model A Gem Scoop model B Gem Scoop model C

Gem Scoops, Titanium

Hand-forged in several lengths and diameters.
Models: A = normal, B = blade, C = pointed
Default: length 700 mm, diameter 10 mm

Screwed Gem Scoop
Screwed Gem Scoop, tips Screwed Gem Scoop, junction  

Screwed Gem Scoop, Titanium

THE alternative solution. Hand-forged. Gem scoop with thread, diameter 10 mm, ideal for screwing - with spacers - to the appropriate length! Fits into every backpack!
• Set of two, consisting of scoop and chisel part, each part 600 mm long
Special lengths on demand

Gem Shovel

Gem Shovel, Stainless Steel

From stainless steel as an extension to the Screwed Gem Scoop. Blade width about 75 mm.

Ultimate Pry Bar
Ultimate Pry Bar, 90 degrees end Ultimate Pry Bar, 45 degrees end Ultimate Pry Bar, 45 degrees end

Ultimate Pry Bar, Titanium

THE ultimate pry bar, diameter 16 mm. THE 2 in 1 solution. Hand-forged. Fits in every backpack!
One end forged to 90°, the other end to 45°. Ideal for the extraction of rocks or the scraping in pockets. In various lengths. A must have for every mineral collector!
Default: length 700 mm
Special lengths on demand

Stone Cracker

Stone Cracker, Steel

The ideal tool to easily and effortlessly split rocks. Diameter 14 mm, length 95 mm.
Drill with a diameter of 14 mm, hole depth app. 130 mm

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